Oklahoma City Divorce Settlement Agreement Attorney

I have helped clients reach settlement agreements with their spouse, or the other parent of their child if unmarried, to ensure that the best interest of the child are protected and a fair settlement is reached. Quite often, when the parties are able to step back, look at what they really want from the situation, we are able to move past the smaller issues, focus on what matters and come to an agreement. Once the larger issues are decided, then the smaller issues generally fall into place and are no longer high hurdles for he couple to jump.

Every case is unique. I take the time to discuss your short-term and long-term goals, what works and does not work for your children, and how you plan to move on with your life once the divorce is finalized. Your post-divorce plans will greatly influence what you will agree to in settling the case and avoiding going to trial. In the case of an unconsted divorce, being able to agree before anything is ever filed can save the parties thousands of dollars. Let me work with you to come up with a fair agreement that doesn't sacrifice your interests but creates a positive situation where everyone can succeed and move forward.


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