Oklahoma City Paternity Lawyer

I represent parents in paternity suits to establish the legal relationship of a father to his children. If you have a question about your legal relationship to your child, or you are the mother and need to establish the relationship for support and other assistance, I can help.

Under Oklahoma law, paternity may be established in many different ways. The father can fill out an acknowledgment of paternity with the Oklahoma Centralized Paternity Registry through the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Paternity can also be established by an order of the Distrct Court.

You can also establish paternity through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Keep in mind that DHS will only determine paternity and enter an administrative order establishing paternity and child support, then record that Order with the district court. Oklahoma DHS will not make any determination regarding visitation for the father. If you are a father and want to build a relationship with your child, contact me to discuss filing a paternity suit to exercise all of your rights with regard to your child.


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