Oklahoma City Alimony Attorney

I am Jarod Morris, Attorney at Law, and family law is the main focus of my law practice. I help my clients by solving their complex family law matters. As part of my practice, I make sure that my client's interests are protected whether that be defending agianst an unreasonable claim for alimony or seeking alimony when my client faces financial ruin without it.

In Oklahoma courts may order temporary, short- and long-term alimony. Temporary alimony is granted at the discretion of the court during the divorce proceedings and before the final decree. Short-term alimony may be granted to allow the receiving party time to gain necessary skills. Long-Term, or permanent, alimony may be granted to a spouse who has significant needs, and is usually reserved for lengthy marriages. Alimony in Oklahoma can be confusing because the "alimony" is sometimes used in a context which is not actually alimony in the traditinoal sense. Alimony is awarded by the court to one party when the judge believes it is necessary, fair, and equitable to do so. The goal of alimony is to allo wthe receiving spouse time to adjust to living as a single person again. This money can be intended for educational and training to allow the receiving spouse time to secure a job sufficient to pay all bills.

Sometimes the phrase "alimony in lieu of property division" is used but this is not a traditional use of the term "alimony". Similar to alimony, payments are made rather than splitting up property that would be difficult to split, such as a business or real property. Keep in mind that an award of alimony can be modified after the divorce if certain critera are met, whereas property division cannot be modified.

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