Oklahoma City, OK, Family Law Attorney

DivorceEnding a marriage is difficult. It takes its toll both pysically and emotionally, making it nearly impossible to focus on your future and what is best for you. You need a lawyer that can see the bigger picture and work towards what is going to be best for you long term.

I approach every case by talking in depth with my clients to understand what their short-term and long-term goals are. Too many lawyer appraoch their clients case by only looking at what happens in the courtroom or what is related to the case. Sometimes, the best advice is when to let something go. Just because you can win an item on your list doesn't mean it's beneficial long term. Don't win the battle and sacrifice the war.

Contact my firm to schedule a free consultation. Even if you just need some answers to a few questions, please give us a call. I have met many people who knew they didn't have the information needed to make a decision but didn't want to bother an attorney to get the answers or they had tried and no attorney was willing to answer a few questions. That is not how our firm operates. We will help you get the information you need in order to make the best decision.

Divorce does not have to be a long process. By focusing on what is important to your case and to your long-term interests, we can make sure that your case moves forward in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Child Custody: We can work with you to develop a Joint Custody plan that meets your childrens' needs and maximizes your opportunities to be part of your childrens' lives.
  • Property Divisoin: Many lawyers and courts approach asset division like King Solomon, just cut the baby in half. Dividing assets from a marriage is much more complicated and approaching asset division this way could leave you in a bad spot. We use skills in negotiation, asset research, and presentation of evidence at trial, to ensure that the court sees the most equitable manner in which to divide the assets. Sometimes property is separate property and should not be included in the division but proving it can be difficult. We are committed to fighting for your interests even when it is difficult.
  • Child Support: Calculating what is a fair and proper amount of child support to be paid by either party can be difficult. Even though Oklahoma uses a Child Support Calculator, so many variables are factored into that equation that getting the right amount requires a lawyer skilled at identifying what should be and should not be included in the equation and who knows the relationship of over night visits to the amount of child support owed.
  • Spousal Support: During the marriage, spouses have grown accustom to living at a certain quality of life. Now that one household has become two, your lifestyle is going to change. Don't enter negotiations about spousal support unprepared or without knowing how the court is likely to rule. Spousal Support is based largely on need and ability to pay. Of course, your spouse seeking to make you pay support, or trying to avoid paying you support, will greatly skew these factors in their favor. We take the time to prepare evidence needed to asses how the court will most likely rule with regard to spousal support.
  • Post-Decree Modifications: Even after the divorce is finalized, you may still feel like you're still tied to your spouse "until death do you part" because of modifications to the decree. These can be over child support, visitation, or custody, or all three. We take post-decree modifications very seriously because your childrens' future is at stake.