Oklahoma City Legal Separation Attorney

DivorceEnding a marriage is difficult. It takes its toll both physically and emotionally, making it nearly impossible to focus on your future and what is best for you. You need a lawyer that can see the bigger picture and work towards what is going to be best for you long term.

When a married couple decides to take an extended break from each other, even if both are unsure if divorce is what they want, it is best to enter into a legal separation agreement. This outlines what each spouse is and is not responsible for such as bills, car payments, insurance (health, life, auto, home), etc. If the spouses end up filing for divorce, most of the issues have already been decided making the divorce process faster and much less expensive.

A legal separation can also give the couple the freedom to really work on their marriage. Sometimes, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I encourage all couples entering into a legal separation to seek marriage counseling. No one enters into a marriage expecting divorce. Even if you've tried counseling before separating, going your separate ways after counseling can be beneficial. You have the time and freedom to make the changes you want to make without the stress and conflict of living together getting in the way and creating additional conflict. Then, if it truly doesn't work out, you have already decided most, if not all, of the major issues to be decided and both spouses can move on quickly.

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