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Statement Re GoFundMe

I have recently found out that Ms. Angela McDaniels included my phone number on her GoFundMe. I met Angela on Monday, March 18th, at the Oklahoma County law library where she was attempting to get forms to file contempt in her case. I spoke with her and gave her my number to call me later. I could not meet with her then because I had a client meeting scheduled at 10:30 that morning and did not have time.

When I spoke with Angela this morning, she had funds to pay for a filing fee and that was about it. I explained that as an attorney I couldn't get into a long, complicated custody battle without knowing I would receive some compesnation for my time invested. I asked if she had friends or family and suggested that sometimes people will help with via GoFundMe. I didn't tell her she had to do it, I suggested it as a possibility. She and I did not discuss her putting my cell phone number on the GoFundMe page.

Please know that I have been a lawyer since 2007 and working for myself since May 2011. I am a licensed lawyer and believe that good people get into bad siuations and need help. That's why I am willing to help Angela with her case. I went to law school to help people and have found many opportunities to do so in the family courts. I do not know much about Angela's past; however, I know when a person needs help and I believe that as people, if we can help someone, we should.

Thank you to those that have already contributed and for those of you that are skeptical, I understand. If you aren't in a spot to help Angela, consider a donation to a local Legal Aid near you or a legal clinic.

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